Friday, May 20, 2011

Photography: Holga

I am such a big hipster that i went and bought me a Holga last year.

Here are some pictures from last year in may:

I love the uncontrollable nature of this camera, but i am broke all the time,
so i cant get many rolls of film developed.
I usually stick with my Nikon D200

Do you have experience with this camera?
Also; what do you think of these pictures?
Many of them are blurry and stuff, but i think it looks kinda crazy lol


  1. Whoa. Those are really nice pics. I like the blur and blackness. :)

  2. looks eerie with the dark/blurry effect :P

    miles better than my efforts at photography tho :)

  3. I think the blur effect works well. Streets and people are usually busy, so this effect matches this.

  4. Pics definatly have a very dark vibe to them, pretty cool if you ask me =)

  5. I had a Diana camera (blue plastic one smiliar to Holga), it was real hard to use and was held together with tape to stop all the light leaks. But these are beautiful! Beats those rubbish Hipstamatic apps everyone is using these days, there's no substitute for real photo skills

  6. i think that is some of the charm of it lol.
    its a REAL pain in the ass to use, but the limitations make it so you learn a lot faster^^

    i also have a lot of old cameras i found in my grandparents basement. got like all sorts of cameras through from the 50s i think lol.

    will post them laters